Support Suzanne's Summer Trip To Uganda


I am so excited to be returning to Uganda this summer, four years after my first trip. That initial trip opened my eyes to the amazing people of this country. While there, one local pastor shared with us his housing and caring for young boys within the village. Their stories captured our hearts, and 5 of us who returned vowed to partner with this pastor to care for these young men. Our hope was to help provide basic needs for these boys and an educational foundation which would ensure a brighter future. We had dreams of inviting others in to join us and named this dream the Kkumi Project. In December, our dream came to fruition and the Kkumi Project was officially launched!

This summer, we will be diving into the work of growing this organization that God has put before us. There is an immense amount of work to be done. Our Kkumi Project USA Team will be focusing on strategic planning and outlining how we can best serve the mission of this project. We will spend our time with the local Ugandan staff to set goals and a clear vision for the future of the Kkumi Project. We will enjoy spending sweet time with the Kkumi Boys, learning their stories, hearing their dreams for the future, and challenging them to dig deeper into their relationship with the Lord. Our time there this summer is imperative to the future success and growth of this project. There are currently 10 boys on a waiting list for the Kkumi Project. We want to make sure that we are developing this project with thoughtfulness through collaboration with local leaders so that we can serve more boys through our mission.

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While in Uganda, I will also be offering my time and knowledge to the Hope Smiles clinic in Jinja. It has been my dream to work alongside Dr. Ryan Shinska and his team. They are doing amazing work for people who are in desperate need of dental care. Part of his clinic includes training local residents in the dental profession. I am elated to include some of my time devoted to serving alongside Dr. Shinska.

This trip is a culmination of a lot of hard work, love, obedience, and a great passion for others. I am most excited to work alongside people that are showing love to these communities. What a gift to be able to touch the hearts of people in these programs and the leaders who labor every day in very challenging places. I believe God has blessings in store as I step forward to partner alongside these inspiring humans and do HIS work.

I would really appreciate you joining me in bringing love and hope to Africa this summer. Through your prayers and financial support, we can make a difference in people’s lives. Would you consider contributing toward the $2700 total needed for my expenses? Any amount, no matter the size would be greatly appreciated. I covet your prayers as I work to raise these funds. Also prayers for our team, the individuals we encounter, the leaders there, and our safe travels would be highly welcomed. Thank you for your love and support, it means the world to me. I am anxious to see how God uses us together to share HIS love to people across the globe!.

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