Kkumi Project began with ten boys. These incredible young men have captured our hearts, and we have a feeling they’re going to capture yours too. Take some time to get to know the Kkumi boys…



My name is Ssebyala Deo and I am in form five at Wakiso Secondary School. I was very young when my father abandoned my family and I have been struggling since with my mother to survive. There were many challenges at home. Many days my mother could not afford to feed us and we did not have the money to pay for school fees but I wanted so badly to go to school and study mathematics to help me in becoming a civil engineer. Without Kkumi Project I would have failed my vision for good. I want to be the one who can change the background of my family and community as well. The need for your support is big and real. Please know that we appreciate your support and are praying for God's blessing for you. 



My name is Mwange Edward and I am form 4 at Wakiso Secondary School. I have lost both of my parents. We are three children. I am the second born of my family. Life has been hard since losing my parents. I went to live with my aunt but she had many children and failed to provide me with basic needs like food and school fees. I went two years without being in school and that was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in life. By the grace of God I found a friend of mine who was enrolled in Kkumi Project and I have now been provided the opportunity to be back in school, studying commerce as I wanted to be a businessman in the future with the hopes of reducing unemployment in my country. Without the Kkumi Project I would have been nothing to the world. I thank God for this support. 



My name is Nyombi Frank. I am in form two at Wakiso Secondary School. I spent most of my life living with my grandmother. My mother is also there, struggling with life. I have never seen my father, he left my mother before I was born. It was hard for my grandmother to provide for me, my mom and my other two siblings so I always looked for ways that I could earn a living. I used to help men building homes with bricks to get some money to buy food for my family at home. To go to school, I used to walk 5 miles there and back each day. It became impossible to maintain this routine while also having to help provide for my family. My uncle knew of Kkumi Project and I thank God I have been allowed to be a part. My life has been restored and I have hope that I can continue studying biology and became a doctor. I want to return to the village I grew up in and provide medical care. I am proud of the people who support me. They are doing so much good for my future. 



My name is Bogere Gerald. I am in form 5 at Wakiso Secondary School. I have 5 siblings and I am the last born. My parents divorced when I was very young. My father was a drunkard and he would not treat us well, refusing to pay for our school fees. This was such a challenge for me because I wanted so badly to be in school. I would do whatever jobs I could to help pay for my schooling, I would dig, weed, make bricks and cut sugar cane. But I was too young, 12 years old, to be working in that environment and trying to go to school. I want to become a civil engineer and have a big dream of helping others. I appreciate the support given to me, I pray for those who help us. 



My name is Muwanguzi Ibra. I am in form four at Wakiso Secondary School. My life has been hard. I am the last born and have 5 other siblings. I went to live with my oldest sister when I was young because my step-mother tortured me and my other siblings. My sister did not have a job so she struggled to care for me and even her own children. I have been in and out of school my whole life, trying to get school fees and help out with getting money so that my family could eat. Kkumi Project has allowed me to be in school and I feel now that I can accomplish my dream of becoming an accountant. I hope that I am successful and can build a house for my family and I want them all to receive Christ as I have too. I pray that for those who support us, that God enlarges your dreams! 



My name is Musitkia Ivan. I am in form four at Wakiso Secondary School. I am a total orphan. The biggest challenge I have had to face in my life is loosing my mom who died when I was 7. My father passed away before I was born. After loosing my mom I stayed with my uncle and grandmother on an island but soon lost my grandmother as well. So I was left with only my uncle was a thief and because of people threatening to put him in jail he ran away, then I was left completely alone at the age of 10. I started carrying luggage around the shores of Lake Victoria from boats for money so that I could get money to eat. I cried every day just trying to get enough money so that I could go to school. I became friends with a woman who sold bananas and I begged for her to let me be her worker, she agreed. However, working while living on the street and going to school at 12 years old was just too hard on me. If I hadn't found Kkumi Project, I would have remained living on the streets. My dream to my family, community and country is to spread the word "be innocent and pure. You are God's perfect children who live in the world of corrupt and sinful people, you must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky."



My name is Kakeeto Kenneth. I am in form three at Wakiso Secondary School. I was only one years old when my father was taken to prison and since then we have been at home in the village struggling with my mother. We had a lot of challenges at home like lack of school fees, basic daily needs like food and clothing. I have always long to see my dad and be with him as I have seen other children doing in their homes but I know this will not be possible because of his punishment. I was forced to dropout of school many times and would just remain at home in the village with my mother. But now because of Kkumi Project, I am back in school and I am able to study physics. I am so grateful that I can regain my hope of becoming a civil engineer again. I want to be able to support my family and community. I am a strong young boy and I want people to know that they have really helped me to see my future. 



I am Mowakanya Regan. I am in form five at Wakiso Secondary School. Since I was born my family has been suffering from poverty. We are 10 children, six boys and four girls. Because of the challenges I faced at home I decided at a young age to go and look for a job. I became a houseboy for a few years to try and save money for school fees. But I then got kicked out of that house and had nowhere else to go. I was forced to be on the streets. Thankfully one of my friends connected me to Pastor Fred who accepted me into The Kkumi Project. I would have been on the streets otherwise but now my life has been restored. My favorite subject is mathematics and I want to become an accountant and have the ability to help my siblings in the future and I want to influence them so that they know they live for Christ. 



I am Lukwago Tendo. I am in form six at Wakiso Senior Secondary School. I was 13 years old when my dad left my family. Since then my mother along with myself and my siblings have been struggling for survival. The most difficult challenge was lack of food, school fees and clothes for me and my siblings. Without Kkumi Project I would not have had the opportunity to go back to school. My dream for the future is to become a teacher and help my younger siblings as well as be a positive influence to people in my community to know Jesus Christ. I am a strong young Christian who is passionate for my vision and I have a desire to help people in need just as I have been helped. 



I am Ssentongo Timothy. I am in form 3 at Wakiso Senior Secondary School. I have 9 other siblings which caused a lot of challenges for my family growing up. My parents were not able to provide me with all of the basic needs. My parents were just peasants in the village I grew up in, planting crops for food which was affected by the weather and so many times we were left without money to go to school or even get food. I later found a man who allowed me to work for his organization which I dreamed would then allow me to attend school but unfortunately that man ran away with the money I had earned. But with the Kkumi Project it has allowed me a safe place to sleep, food to eat and the option to attend school. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I dream of being an engineer since my favorite subject is physics. I also plan to make change in my community and the impossibilities that my country faces I have to turn into possibilities by presenting the Gospel in all the nations by the grace of God.